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Which One of These "Sports Dads" Is Your Dad?

June 3

Never-Miss-YOUR-Game Dad

Your dad likes to think he knows a lot about sports but let’s face it, you know WAY more. He would never miss one of your games, but if he misses a big play from his favorite NFL team, he wouldn’t be mad. He doesn’t know everything about every team, but he is there for the sports chatter. He wasn’t super athletic as a kid either; his career probably started and stopped with middle-school dodgeball. Your dad may not be the biggest sports fan in the world, but he is the biggest fan of you!

June 4

Glued-to-the-TV Dad

You can almost guarantee that you’ll find your dad in his recliner glued to the tv on any given Sunday. And to be honest, most nights he would rather be there than the dinner table. He loves football season and his Sunday nights, but there’s nothing he likes more than watching golf, or really just sleeping when golf is on. Sometimes it might seem like your dad loves the tv more than his family, but don’t get him mistaken. He loves you all so much more (just don’t bother him when he’s in his chair). 

June 5

Sideline Dad

Your dad’s enthusiasm is awesome - except when it’s not. For whatever reason, your dad isn’t the coach of your rec team although, most of the time, it feels like he is. Your dad loves to tell you to “get lower” or “shoot higher” or his favorite, “keep your eye on the ball.” He sits (but mostly paces) in the stands, but it feels like he’s on the sideline or in your ear. He may yell at you when you miss that wide open shot and he may be infuriated when the ref calls a penalty on you. Heck, he may have been kicked out of a game or two. You may not speak on the way home from the game, but in the end you know he does it because he cares. Your dad is your number one supporter and will go down swingin’ for you.

June 6

Back-in-the-Day Dad

“Back when I was a boy” stories are not uncommon in your household. Dad loves to reminisce on the days when he made that 3-pointer in overtime against his high school rival. When you have friends over, he loves to tell them about when he went to the State Championship and scored the lone-goal to win it. Your dad was a superstar athlete and boy, do you know it. When you get home from practice, he wants to shoot outside with you. Before a big game, he wants to talk strategy. When you’re not around, though, he isn’t talking about his athletic accomplishments - he is talking about yours. He only tells you about what he has done because he wants to be cool, like you! Dad was MVP many years ago, but you are the real MVP in his eyes!

June 7

Super-Fan Dad

Your dad LOVES sports. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey; you name it, he loves it. The only cup he will drink out of is decorated with the logo of his favorite NFL team. He travels near and far to watch his alma mater football team and when they make the Big Dance, he is all for it. When mom tells him to put on a nice shirt and he comes down in a t-shirt with a big logo on it, he says “sorry, it’s the best I can do.” Dad has games on non-stop, and you may be confused where his loyalty lies - with you or with his team. Don’t get him wrong though, what he loves even more than watching his team is watching his team with YOU!

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